5 Best Basketball Return Systems for 2022

The Best Basketball Return Systems of 2022 - Stop chasing your rebounds!

The best basketball return system can take your game to the next level in 2022 by giving you an incredible return on every shot, whether from 15 feet away or 30 feet away from the basket.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your game at the collegiate level or just trying to perfect your form at the local gym, these five basketball return systems will help you shoot like the pros in no time.

Shoot-A-Way the Gun 12K

This basketball training equipment will function as an automated rebounder, quickly rebounding a made or missed shot and providing a direct return pass for another shot. It fires up to 1800 shots per hour and can be used by up to 12 players to get an intense workout in a short time.

It has ten pre-programmed shooting drills, and users can program up to 25 of their favorite shooting drills on The Gun’s memory feature. It also has an accuracy button to challenge the best shooters. Of course, this will require taking shots at one spot before proceeding on to the next.

It lets users focus on successful repetition rather than just getting 500 shots in. In addition, the countdown lights let the players know when the machine will fire the next ball.

Spalding Back Atcha

The Spalding Back Atcha is the market’s most cost-effective basketball return mechanism. It’s constructed of sturdy plastic and has two hooks on the rear that attach to the rim.

If you make a shot, the ball will bounce off the plastic framework after passing through the net and kick slightly towards the free-throw line.

This mechanism’s success rate ranges between 50% and 95%, depending on the length and type of your net and how effectively the plastic hooks stick to the hoop. Long shots are unlikely to be returned to the three-point line.

The ball’s rebound will always move towards the center of the court, which might be difficult if you shoot from an angle.

IC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

The iC3 comprises a sturdy steel frame that you suspend over the back end of the rim and secure to your basketball hoop’s pole. If your basketball hoop lacks a pole, the iC3 may still be used if your backboard is at least 60 inches wide.

The net catches almost every missed shot that reaches over the rim. This design also requires you to fire in a straight line, which improves your skills. The net directs the ball onto a tiny ramp, which you can rotate 180 degrees to accept rebounds from any place on the floor.

The rebounding method is slow, but you can constantly shoot in quick succession if you use two basketballs.

SKLZ Rapid Fire II

The SKLZ Rapid Fire II differs in one important way: the net is linked to two hip-height platforms. This minor modification is terrific since it eliminates the need to bend down to grab rebounds. Instead, the ball is delivered to you in a far more natural shooting posture.

This shooting trainer basketball connects simply to any metal frame backboard’s top-left and top-right corners. However, it will not function with molded backboards. Instead, two adjustable metal arms emerge from the top of the backboard to support the net.

You may guide rebounds to different court areas by repositioning the stands and moving the net’s arms. By fully folding back the net, you can also use it as a ball stop.

Hathaway Rebounder Return System

This bigger Hathaway return mechanism is ideal for players who wish to cast a broad net. The mesh design is not only dependable but also highly long-lasting. It will last for years with no tears or cracks in the polyester structure. Assembling is also a breeze.

The refillable anchor weights are another reason this receives top grades. In addition, four PVC bags can store sand and water to ensure that the system does not move, no matter how hard a ball bounces off. The large net also accommodates a variety of hoops.

The major problem with the method, like with many nets, is that it lacks genuine sides. You won’t have trouble firing straight on or from slight angles, but you may have to chase down some balls when you play from the corners.


With so many basketball return systems on the market, it’s hard to know which one to purchase to perfect your skills. This article will look at five of the best basketball return systems on the market that will allow you to perfect your shots and become a much better player overall.

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