A Wholesome Overview of the Best Retirement Homes in India

Old age is a challenging and delicate stage of life. Elderly folks want to live happy, healthy lives filled with extra attention and comfort. Paid old age homes provide the elderly with a life free from stress and worry. 

Elder abuse by family members is frequently caused by a lack of awareness regarding the changing behavioural patterns in elderly individuals at home. Even though they are dependent on their family, elderly individuals often experience neglect at the hands of those who should be taking care of them. Therefore, sending them to paid old age homes where they will be cared for is their family’s civic duty. 

Retirement houses are gaining enormous popularity in and around Indian cities like Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai. Here are a few things regarding the top retirement communities in India that one should be aware of. 

Expenses of retirement homes in India 

Old age homes are largely autonomous organisations that have popped up throughout India. Renting opulent senior living facilities is now an option offered by retirement homes in Kochi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and many other cities. Retirement communities have become a standard component of elderly residents’ homes or living spaces. 

The expenses associated with housing an elderly person in a luxurious retirement home are high. For a one-bedroom facility, old age homes in Pune will run you about Rs. 25–30 lakh, or about Rs. 25,000 per month. However, the cost in Bangalore might be anything from Rs. 40 to 80 lakh rupees per year. 

A paid old age home in Chennai typically costs between Rs. 30-70 lakh per year. Retirement homes in Kochi cost between Rs.30 and 40 lakhs per year. The amount of rooms being rented determines the price of retirement homes entirely. 

Medical treatment provided in Retirement homes  

Senior citizens who live in opulent retirement communities receive proper medication. The nurses assigned have extensive expertise in offering a complete variety of home nursing services, including:

● giving medications on schedule

● aid with feeding and using the restroom

● wound care and dressing

● serving meals promptly 

The most critical factor affecting senior adults’ well-being is their physical health. Most retirement homes in India provide the essential services with the elderly population needs, including medical assistance and health maintenance. Other amenities include instant hospitality and ayurvedic massage therapy. 

Nutritious meals  

The elderly usually receive rotten food and dirty water in typical old age homes. In retirement homes, incredibly nutrient-dense meals are prepared. Most of these paid old age homes offer dining rooms where older folks can enjoy hearty meals. 

The senior inhabitants’ dietary needs and health conditions are considered when preparing food in retirement homes. Usually, a professional cook prepares the dishes. However, they also can allow people to prepare their own meals however they like. Senior citizens are offered a variety of nutritious foods in retirement homes in India. 

Decent rooms 

Retirement homes offer elderly residents a tidy bedroom along with a large-sized bed and bathroom. Traditional old age homes typically had only one bathroom for the entire facility, along with grimy toilet seats and stinks of urine. Indian luxury retirement homes have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure their older inhabitants enjoy a safe and comfortable stay. 

Each room in retirement homes is equipped with the necessary furniture and electronic equipment, preventing the senior residents from encountering any additional issues while they are there. Some rooms also have air conditioning; however, it costs extra. The accommodations are pretty comfortable and sound in the Indian retirement homes! 

Fun activities and games for the senior citizens

Retirement homes in KeralaMumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru have been allocated for their elderly residents. Paid old age homes offer exercises like jogging, yoga, cycling, indoor games, meditation, and swimming. Although just a few retirement homes in India, such as Athulya Living in Chennai, We Care Home in Mumbai, Travancore Foundation in Kerala, etc., provide all these activities. 

       Old age is no time to give up and lower the sails but a season of enduring fruitfulness.

The elderly need to be treated with more love and affection because old age is the second phase of childhood. India is home to some of the best residential facilities, many of which are devoted to caring for the nation’s elderly population.