COVID 19 An Opportunity For India To Regain Its Supremacy-Tushar Bansal

Covid-19, the pandemic, that has shattered the hopes of every individuals directly or indirectly. Although, it’s a Bitter Truth to Digest to estimate the impact that this pandemic has on each one of our life. Almost, all the activities have been halted by this pandemic.

But, the truth is that – Every cloud has a silver lining, and at the same time Lessons are meant to be learned. Almost, all the sectors, schools, colleges, corporates, industries have been badly affected, but it all depends on the outlook of an individual to confront the situation. These ongoing tough times can be the golden opportunity to tap for each of us.

In every industry or sector, there are opportunities present in it that needs to be taken care off during the normal daily activities in day to day life. These can be related to the efficiency in utilizing the available resources or the technological upgradation, it can be related to the fuller utilization of labor which requires a proper training program or development of human capital.

Talking specifically about supply chain, they are going green internationally and also the trends heavily feature robotics, IoT, Blockchain which are all projected to make the supply chain faster and less prone to disruptions. Also, transportation and electricity hugely contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, so greens logistics are gaining traction among many companies today.

However, due to the rat race in core competencies, we keep on continuously overlooking the effectiveness and efficiency level of our initiatives. This can prove to be the boon period for every individual, corporates, hospitals, travel and tourism, education, logistics and all other different sectors to pull up the socks and try to find out where the overhaul of their system is required which is a hindrance earlier in the respective industries to work efficiently and with less cost.

The future is uncertain and it will be too early to say about the recovery that will take place in reviving the economy as a whole. In terms of India’s perspective, it is the time where stakeholders are looking for an alternative or a substitute and are keenly interested to shift to them. India can become a destination for imports for most of the nations. The ambitious version of “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat” and “Made in India” of GOI, these visions will certainly entail leveraging India’s advantages relative to the world.

Next few months, will be critical for India in bid to revive the economy, early signs of economic recovery are encouraging, but the sustainability of the recovery will be the key. In these times, we as an individual should hold hands tight together and work collectively for attaining better results in the future. There is an urgent need to support the government’s vision and mission, of which accomplishment will have a direct impact on every single life. 

It’s all about the outlook from which each individual look to the situation. Like the Hospitality sector which includes hotels and restaurants that have been shut down have directly impacted the pockets of owners. Also, the top executive of food delivery startup has recently projected that 30-50% of restaurants may permanently shut down in India in the near future. The only ones which may survive might be the branded ones. This has shown us the value of branding and good services in this industry. Hygiene factor has become a must to attract customers these days.

In every industry, these times are tough, but at the same time, there is something that needs to be taken care off, which is the prime responsibility of an individual to contribute to its society.   

This time can be the learning for all of us to know the technique of tackling the situation and confronting it with best efforts and enthusiasm. It gives the lesson to each individual to know how to comes out from a problem and rather than just sitting idle and waiting for the steps taken by the bureaucracy, there is an evident need from each of us to be proactive and take sincere steps shortly. The future lies in the hands of each individual and also at the same time how each one of us is contributing in saving this nation, and serving the nature and our economy as a whole.

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