How Digital Storytelling Is Significant For Startups In Growth Hacking Amidst COVID19 – Amarnath Sankar

The greatest growth at the lowest possible cost and time ! Well, that’s the motto of Growth Hacking especially in this point in time of economic slowdown. This concept is one of the stars of the world of digital marketing, and it is not strange, who does not want to grow and recover quickly and effectively after the COVID19 period ? Today we will talk about this new trend and how Digital Storytelling can boost it’s application to startups

Startups Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a combination of strategies. If it is successful, it allows exponential growth in a defined manner. It could be over social networks, in terms of presence and/Or in terms of business generated, and consequently, the results of the SME or Startup that performs growth hacking.

So you could say yes, that growth hackers are pirates navigating the waters of analysis and creativity to multiply the results. They turn every resource into real treasures for your company. The strategies that are part of the world of growth hacking are used by many successful companies worldwide.

From my point of view, Growth Hacker is at the top of the pyramid of digital marketing experts. It would be like the elite forces of digital companies, whose goal is to scale and grow the organization.

It is said that Growth Hacker dominates all marketing techniques to implement disruptive, original and creative strategies. All this to accelerate the culture of growth of the company.

As I was saying, Growth Hacker is a very complex profile that requires knowledge that is only acquired through learning and experience, so it takes time to acquire them. Nowadays, one of the most used tactics of startup growth hacking is digital storytelling. Here’s why!

Digital Storytelling for Startups Growth

Storytelling in Startup’s business goes beyond an advertisement. We seek to connect with users and influence them emotionally. Therefore, they do not want to take their eyes off the content we are showing them. When we achieve this effect, you will get some advantages, such as:

1. Build trust

Well-told stories make those who listen to them feel identified with them. The way of narration shows more everyday aspects will humanize your brand. This is the way you build trust for consumers.

2. They cause greater engagement

The consequence of trust is the increase in engagement. Contacting people’s emotions allows them to externalize what they feel. Storytelling makes it easy for startups to get likes, shares, or even new subscribers (It could be on your social media channel or your product or service )

3. Customer Memorizes the Story

The association we make between a story and a brand makes customers remember it better. Besides, the order of facts that entails makes logic reinforce our memory.

4. Improve brand reputation

The history of humans is linked to stories. In cave paintings, in music, in cinema, in advertisements, and our own daily life. Therefore, when a brand behaves like a person, the image we make of it is good. Sometimes, it is even better. Thus, we can enhance the digital reputation of a company, thanks to digital storytelling.

Tips For Creating A Good Storytelling for Startup Growth

If you have decided to apply content marketing using storytelling, I recommend that you keep track of the following details:

Step 1: Define your audience

Before you think about what you are going to tell, you must know who you are going to tell. It is essential to know who your potential customers are.

Step 2: Define the purpose of your storytelling

This part would be like thinking about the end of your story. It is essential to know where you want to go because that will define the plot. A story focused on enhancing branding would not be the same as another one that thought about certain moral stories, and it would diametrically opposite if you run a fund raising campaign. So each one would have a different goal.

Step 3: Define the story frame

Once you know the purpose of your storytelling, you can begin to imagine an environment that leads to it. You should think about the narration. And like every story, you also need to design an introduction, a knot, a hook, and a specific outcome. Of course, put a good dose of emotion to your chronicle.

Step 4: Always leave an emotion

This feature is very useful in digital storytelling. It makes an ending that leaves the consumer an emotion you want to convey. This way, it will make it easier for your customers to remember what you want and encourage them to share it with their friends, even if you don’t ask for it. I hope a well crafted digital story would help you all back in track soon !

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