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Current times have shaken us from having control, certainty and confidence. Our beliefs, work ethics, and focus has come to a screeching halt questioning its validity. 

Everything is a form of energy. In ancient times the barter system was the way of living. It evolved from gold and silver coins to modern-day currency to unify and ease trade across borders. 

What started as a way of convenience became a devil of dependence and definition of power. Our values and modus operandi started shifting towards increasing power by money. 

Since material and external gratifications measure wealth, it is bound to be variable and externally dependent.

The reason for fear and panic today is the crumbling of human-made power and definition of wealth with the financial and economic meltdown.

Times are always uncertain, and current times have shown us its strength. Nature has decided to take us back to basics and teach us the ground zero reality about what real wealth and power are. 

Growing up, I heard, “Money is lost, nothing is lost. Health is lost; something is lost. But if Character is lost, everything is lost.”

So, what do we mean by character? 

Character is our operating system. Our inner strength, core beliefs, resilience and willpower, build our character. Confidence that comes from external acquisitions is variable and rides a seesaw of highs and lows. Real, sustainable confidence comes from our inner strength. It is time to re-educate ourselves and redefine our value system. What we stand for and what is our game plan in manifesting it. It is the time to practice compassion in all spheres of life, including Business. A businessperson can be competitive with fairness.

It is time to redefine and rebuild our character. It is time for us to check our Life’s Balance Sheet and check our strengths as assets and our shortcomings as liabilities. Let us use SWOT analysis to increase our inner wealth:

Strengths- gratitude, appreciation, compassion, ability to forgive, flexibility and adaptability.

Weakness- all the triggers that stir our ego to make us reactive

Opportunity- we are all locked down, and nature is conducive to us looking within. Release what is weighing us down and strengthen mindsets that help in growth.

Threat- these times are so variable and uncertain and need to be used to our benefit by resetting our operating system and fixing bugs that threaten to make us obsolete. Let us use this meltdown period to melt our internal draining mindsets.

An external disaster cannot shake our inner wealth. Our inner strength and positive mindset will help us resurrect a more sustainable world by revisiting compassion and cooperation as our core beliefs. 

Collective consciousness impacts the whole world. If we as humans work together in creating a balance in life, we can live with hope, harmony and good health.

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