In pictures: Thais band apart to slow the coronavirus

BANGKOK — More than 80% of Thais understand and adhere to social distancing, according to a Ministry of Public Health survey. Thailand, famous for its sanuk, fun, put life on hold after the coronavirus began sweeping deep into the country. The pandemic has infected 2,473 people in Thailand and killed 33, according to official numbers as of Friday.

People stand well apart while waiting for a bus in Bangkok on April 7.

Officers use riot shields for an extra layer of coronavirus protection at Tha Phra Police Station in Bangkok on April 2.

Delivery drivers wait at the Central Plaza Pinklao shopping mall in Bangkok on March 24.

A cashier serves a customer from a distance at a coffee shop in Bangkok on April 2.

Subway passengers keep their distance from one another at BTS Siam Station in Bangkok on April 7.

Tape marks where customers should stand in front of ATMs in Bangkok on April 2.

People sit apart as they wait for a train at Hua Lamphong Station in Bangkok on March 25.

A hospital worker, right, speaks to a woman on April 2 as she waits to be tested for COVID-19. Chulalongkorn University Health Service Center in Bangkok set up a waiting area in a parking lot to accommodate additional patients.

Two men talk to each other at Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok on April 2.

A man waits alone at the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok on March 27.

A woman sleeps in the terminal of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on March 25.

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