Physical Distancing A New Normal-Adarsh Gupta

Aviation security has existed throughout most of the history of aviation. However, modern airport security was first introduced during the 1970s. As an aftermath to a series of unfortunate and nerve-wracking Terrorist Activities that took place in the 80’s, Airports all over India started installing Security Gates for allowing passage of people into the terminal buildings. By the end of the Century, besides Airports, such security measures became normal at all public places such as Railway Stations, Cinemas, Hotels, Banquets, Shopping Malls, places of worship, Monuments, Ministries and Office & Residences of  VIPs.

In 2011, following the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Centre, New York and other places in the United States, we saw heightened security measures worldwide. Most countries imposed a ban on carrying liquids in 2006 when a terror plan to bomb transatlantic flights was uncovered (and successfully foiled) in England.

Not only people have to go through inconvenience and loss of time to pass through such security procedures, but believe it or not  Billions of Rupees are spent every year around the world for providing security and protecting the lives of people from possible Terror Attacks. This has in turn given birth to the Security Industry which is worth over  $100 Billion and provides employment to millions of people worldwide.

Since March 2020, a new fear of deadly infectious diseases COVID -19 which may spread at the speed of light merely by coming in contact with people, has given birth to a new mantra of Physical Distancing. What escalates the fear further is the fact that the carriers of such viruses can also be asymptomatic. So it’s not just your sneezing and coughing neighbours that you need to vary of, but being in close quarters with any human being can prove detrimental. Moreover, one needs to be mindful of what surfaces one touch as they too can be infected. 

The all-time famous dialogue of Gabbar Singh (from Sholay), “Jo Darr Gaya, Samjho Mar Gaya” stands challenged in 2020 because now the global mantra seems to have become “Jo nahi dara, samjho zaroor mara”. In this 21st Century, this fear is going to create a new normal for Health Security at all such public places where Security from Weapons became normal in the 20th Century following the 9 / 11 attacks at the World Trade Centre, in the U.S.

In addition to Security Checks, soon we shall start seeing common use of Sanitisation, Face Masks and Health Check Gates/Counters etc., starting with Airports, Hotels and Shopping Malls, rippling on to all Public Places within the next 3- 6 months all across the globe.

This new normal coupled with a heightened awareness of Personal Hygiene and Health Security has given birth to a New Industry for preparing Protective Gear and Innovative Methods to fight such New Terror. China has already taken a huge lead and become the World’s factory to supply such gears and equipment. The demand for such products is going to see exponential growth in this decade and this is the most appropriate time for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Governments not to miss this emerging global opportunity for developing “Health Safetyware” industry and to provide necessary support and infrastructure for creating large capacities for producing innovative quality products for the world market to save the people from fast-spreading fear of viruses.

Are you listening – “Corona ke Darr se Aage, Jeet Hai.”

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