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Nelson Mandela found his freedom in jail.

It is in moments of extreme darkness and isolation when all doors seem to be shut, a spark of light finds a crack to pierce through. Our lockdown and isolation situation too can be transformed through that spark of light.

Some of us are living together with our families, trying to find a routine. It is a significant change to be grounded as we are all used to travelling and leading independent lives. While some people are living by themselves, there are two to three generations locked in a house together too. It can seem distressful just like many reality shows, where people are locked in for days together.

This pandemic is an opportunity from nature for us to get to know each other at a deeper level. That can happen only if we set out an intention of compassionate communication and understanding of each other’s life not only at the workplace but also personal relationships. We can be genuinely curious about what people go through and how it steered their decision making and shaped their mindsets. It is time to practice active listening to build a circle of trust for each other. Investment in authentic heart to heart discussions can reveal how many perceptions of each other are based on unfounded judgements and misunderstandings.

The present vulnerability can be channelled into strength through empathy. Be it your spouse, children, parents, friends or colleagues; you can help each other mature by sharing your setbacks struggles and successes. There is so much to learn from the younger generation about how they perceive life and relationships. This is the time of exchange of cross-generational experiences and mindsets for more profound understanding for all. It is also great for the growth and sustainability of any business to understand what culture and relationships people share from grassroots level to the top. This is the time to discover your teams’ hidden talents and rich experiences that may have been overlooked. You never know where that million-dollar idea can come up from?

It is the need of the hour to understand and support each other through this tough transition. Businesses, their suppliers, stakeholders and customers all need help from each other to sustain or rebuild. Many employees may lose their jobs or make cutbacks to help their companies thrive; similarly, businesses may promise to make up to the employees when the markets stabilise. This can only work with trust and cooperation. The flow of trust and collaboration can stem only from deeper relationships. Be it business or homes, the backbone of a sustainable life is through strong bonds and relationships.

We have witnessed the importance of people, good health and relationships during the current crisis. Somewhere in the race of higher standard of living, we got diverted from the true essence of life, our spirit. Every person, family, nation and economy have a spirit or a soul. The spirit thrives on love, empathy and cooperation, and when it grows, our health improves, and so does our immunity and sustainability on a micro and macro level.

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