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A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, casting shadow over the Earth. Solar eclipses occur on a no moon’s day and usually mark major shakeup in high ranking authorities. Eclipses have an important place in Hindu mundane astrology and its effects are felt within few weeks. Eclipses also affect the careers of politicians, actors, sports persons and powerful corporate bosses. The placement of Sun in their individual chart and the running dasha sequence indicates the intensity of the impending danger.

This year the annular solar eclipse will take place on 21st June at 0915 hrs IST in the sign of Gemini and will remain till 1504 hrs. The maximum eclipse will be visible at 1210 hrs. I’d had already expressed my concern well in advance before the last solar eclipse that happened on 20th Dec. 2019. In this write up I’ll try to explain the effects on different nations on which the eclipse will be directly seen; although this time since the Rahu has passed the dreaded Ardra constellation, the effects will not be that severe. The retrogression of four planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury at the time of eclipse indicate totally unexpected outcome this time.

This eclipse is going to affect the 2nd house of India foundation chart the presence of Mars along with it may trigger border clashes and riots. The affliction to Mercury as well as its retrogression at the time of eclipse may give volatility to stock markets and exchange rates. The Indian rupee may touch new lows in the coming days after eclipse. The running dasha of Moon-Saturn also indicate no immediate relief from ongoing pandemic. The entry of Jupiter backward in Sagittarius on 30th June may give in rise in 2nd wave of Covid-19. The low intensity earthquakes occurring in North India in last few days is considered bad omens before eclipse and point towards some major problems in the coming days.

In the ruling party chart, this eclipse is going to happen over 1st/7th axis which along with adverse running dasha of Moon-Rahu indicate major dip in popularity in the coming days. It may face some serious issues from alliance partners. Some of its prominent member may face serious health issues.

In the principal opposition party chart, this eclipse is falling over 4th/10th axis, which incidentally has lagna lord Jupiter posited in it. It indicates change in top leadership in the coming days.

The coming solar eclipse is going to afflict the 6th/12th axis along with natal Jupiter; this may escalate trade wars with different countries. It may escalate Indo-China border dispute as well as South China Sea problems with U.S. The running dasha sequence indicates use of deceitful methods all over the world in order to become world super power.  

In Pakistan’s chart this solar eclipse will take place over 3rd/9th axis; the third house having Moon and lagna lord Mars in it. Incidentally, the eclipse will happen to very close degree of Mars indicating change in leadership in the coming few months. The dasha sequence indicates mass destruction due to natural calamities. Financially it’s going to be very tough time for Pakistan and it may surrender some of its part to foreign powers for want of survival.

The coming solar eclipse will effect 1st/7th axis of Japan along with natal Moon lying in the 7th house indicates big earthquake in the coming days. The country already in economic recession may face further problems.

This year’s solar eclipse falling on Sunday in the day time and four planets in retrogression at that time indicate major natural calamities and war like situations in the affected region.

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