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Muay Thai business is a popular fighting sport from Thailand, its root is thousands of years old. It is a beautiful art and was traditionally developed by old Thai martial artists for protection of their tribe and land. This fighting style is a mixture of boxing, martial arts, and karate as a Muay Thai fighter uses fast-paced and smart kicks, punches, knees and elbows for fighting and defending. Often referred to as ‘Power of eight limbs’, this style of fighting which sometimes called as Thai Boxing, includes the fastest strikes and is a brilliant option for self-defense. 

Muay Thai Training –  

With its origin from Thailand and Phuket Island, this fighting technique has been spread all over the world and has earned enormous popularity as a sport. Many youngsters have a keen desire to learn this art and fortunately, there are many camps around the globe which provides Muay Thai training. Learning Muay Thai is not difficult but one has to be determined enough to go through the basic and hard modes of training. There is no rigid answer to the question that how long would it take to learn this fighting art? Well, it depends completely on the trainee and also on the camp which he or she has selected. Muay Thai basics can be learned in 3-5 months by training for 3-4 days a week, however, to become an expert in Muay Thai, one needs to practice and practice a lot. As an old saying says, more you heat the gold, more it will shine. Same applies to Muay Thai. A vigorous practicing session of this fighting art for an hour burns around 1000 calories approx. The best medium to unleash the potential of the human body and became tough, physically, mentally.  

Muay Thai – a new booming business –  

This is the age of marketing and advertising and with the help of various forms of marketing, Muay Thai has gained high popularity in the last few years. People are coming ahead to learn this ancient art and training this art has become a demanding business. Muay Thai has is the new business in Thailand and is also spreading its wings to outer lands, one just has to advertise about this and he will start getting inquiry calls and eventually will make good money.   

With its involvement in popular fighting sports MMA, Suwit Muay Thai at Phuket Island has become a new sensation and a source of income for its trainers and for ones who run its training camps. Establishing a Muay Thai training camp or center in Phuket is a onetime investment but what plays an important role here is its marketing and advertising. People should know that there is a place who teaches this art. Try all mediums like digital, networking and paper publicity for your business. Advertise in daily newspapers can also increase the footfall at your camp. Muay Thai at is a great art and teaching this art is good and profitable business.