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Six reasons why you should set up a Dubai mainland company

Individuals worldwide can avail a wide range of opportunities in Dubai Mainland. There are many factors that can benefit entrepreneurs if they are looking for Mainland company formation in Dubai.



1.    Strategic Location and Connectivity

Dubai Mainland is an ideal place to set up a business due to its prime location and how easily it can be reached. It’s snuggly tucked at the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, giving it access to more than 2 billion consumers. The city is well connected through its world-class infrastructure, which includes a very extensive road network, which has also been included in their state-of-the-art ports, as well as the highly respected international airport. All these, put together, make Dubai Mainland the perfect base for businesses planning on expanding and reaching all across the globe.


2.   100% Foreign Ownership

Although it may not be something you would expect, in Dubai Mainland, you can fully own a business. That’s right, this place is one of the few that allows foreign ownership. This means there is no need for a local sponsor or partner who is a UAE national. By being given full control and ownership over their venture, entrepreneurs are able to make their own decisions and manage their companies freely. They also get to keep all the profits they generate, which makes it a genius idea if I say so myself. Contact a professional financial management advisory to know more details about it.

3.   Access to Diverse Market

Businesses taking on the challenge of operating in Dubai mainland get to tap into the local UAE market, famous for its diverse population that’s made up of residents and expatriates. This means businesses have a chance to cater to all kinds of customers with different preferences and demands. On top of that, Dubai is a hotspot when it comes to tourism, which only makes the market potential that much more attractive, drawing in millions of visitors every year.

4.   Access to Diverse Market

Dubai Mainland is a great place to do business. There are no restrictions on all the things you can do. Companies have the freedom to choose whatever they want to specialize in, whether it’s trading or manufacturing, professional services or consultancy. This flexibility allows entrepreneurs to do whatever they want and adapt their strategies according to market demands — which causes innovation and growth.

5.   Potential of Growth

One perk of Dubai Mainland is that it doesn’t limit a business’s growth. Free zones can restrict things like the number of employees and physical space. On the mainland, companies don’t have to worry about that. It benefits startups and small businesses since they have the ability to expand as they please. Giving them the option to hire professionals and acquire office spaces without having any obstacles in their path



Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is the gateway to a thriving economy. You’ll be able to tap into a diverse market and unlimited growth potential. This place is sought after by businesses seeking success and sustainability for several reasons. It has a strategic location, accessibility, flexibility in business activities, absence of currency restrictions, and unlimited growth opportunities — all of which are very hard to find elsewhere. Combined with investor-friendly policies and robust infrastructure, you have a recipe for being unstoppable in the business world.

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