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8 Tips Memilih Web Hosting Berkualitas | JASA WEBSITE BANDUNG | EZY.CO.ID

40% of the audience believe that speed is the most crucial factor while building a webpage. Every user who visits any webpage expects instant access and a seamless user experience, making speed a critical focus point.

With so much close competition among businesses, speed can be a key differentiator for gaining a competitive edge. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a reliable website provider if you want to succeed online.

So before you dive in to get web hosting in NZ, let us first go through the importance of web hosting speed and how to check it.

What is Web Hosting Speed?

When someone enters your domain name in the browser, a request is sent to the webpage server. The server responds to the request and retrieves all the files the webpage has on the user’s browser. This way, a user is able to view your webpage in their browser. 

At times, you must have also come across a webpage where one part is loaded, and the other part is still getting loaded. That happens because there is a slow response to the visitor’s browser request. There are a number of reasons for this to happen, and this is known as slow-moving website speed.

Therefore, Web hosting plays a vital role in ensuring good speed and performance. Your infrastructure resources and connectivity impact how your server responds to requests. With the fastest web hosting, you can be assured that all your web files are seamlessly delivered to your audience, ensuring the best user experience.

Factors that Influence Web Hosting Speed

  1. Your server hardware quality, compatibility, capacity, and location affect your webpage speed. The closer your web server is to your target audience, the better the delivery.
  2. Your hosting network infrastructure and connectivity contribute to the transmission of data. The better these factors are, the more efficient the transmission will be, reducing the chances of latency.
  3. Resource allocation should also be based on infrastructure requirements. It means CPU RAM disk space storage should support your traffic and scalability.
  4. The type of web hosting you choose, i.e., shared, VPS, Dedicated, and cloud, should go well with needed infrastructural needs.

Why is Web Hosting Speed Important?

  • Creates Impression

Website speed delivers your webpage’s impression. Therefore, a slow website directly impacts user experience, creating a wrong impression on your users.

  • Effects of Search Engine Ranking

Google algorithms consider speed as an essential factor to rank on the search engine. Therefore, web pages that have faster loading are likely to rank better as they perform better.

  • Helps in Sales Conversion

As said above, slow loading creates demotivation; 40% of visitors will leave if speed is compromised. Therefore, web page speed matters as it impacts overall sales.

How To Check Your Web Page Speed?

When checking your webpage speed, it is best to use more than one tool. Conducting multiple tests on these tools will ensure you get the right results and give you a deeper understanding of your web performance.


A webpage that has a slow loading speed can result in more bounce rates and a dissatisfied audience, further affecting its visibility. 

Therefore, always choose trusted web hosting in NZ that ensures good speed, understands your requirements, and supports your infrastructure.